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Era of Adaptation: Chic Sustainability

As the sun casts its golden rays over the SF Bay Flower and Garden Show, our showcase garden stands as a living testament to sustainability and adaptation. Amidst the vibrant displays, our carefully curated selection of low-water perennials thrives under the Sycamore trees, capturing the hearts and imaginations of visitors.

With gratitude in our hearts, we extend our thanks to our partners who have made this living masterpiece possible. Zazueta Landscape's skilled hands, Lakeside Nursery's exquisite plant collection, Galanter and Jones' chic outdoor furnishings, Greenhouse by NWGP's innovative greenhouse, and Metal Sculptures by Rochelle's artistic sculptures from salvaged materials, Aquascape Creation's generous help at the last minute to install a pollinator friendly water feature and last but not least Castohn and Peninsula Building Materials for the hardscape materials —all have come together to create a symphony of beauty and eco-consciousness.

Among the stars of our garden are the resilient low-water perennials, carefully chosen for their resilience and year-round appeal. Picture the majestic Cercis 'Merlot', standing tall with its vibrant foliage, offering height and all-season interest. Alongside, Salvia apiana adds bold texture and a touch of gray foliage, a testament to nature's resilience in the face of changing climates.

As the seasons shift, our garden continues to captivate with the fiery hues of Cotinus 'Royal Purple', a personal favorite for its breathtaking fall colors surrounded by chartreuse foliage perennials and grasses. Alyogyne huegelii bursts forth in spring, its showy blooms a highlight against the backdrop of Ceanothus 'Snow Flurry', while Salvia clevelandii 'Japatul' enchants with its maroon stems and dark green foliage are few combinations to enjoy in the pollinator garden.

But our garden is more than just a fleeting display of springtime splendor. It is a celebration of sustainability that transcends seasons, reminding us that the show must go on, year-round. With low-water perennials as our guiding stars, we demonstrate that beauty and eco-consciousness need not be mutually exclusive.

To our clients and prospective visitors, we extend a warm invitation to experience the ever-changing tapestry of our garden. Wander through the seasons with us, and witness the resilience and beauty of low-water perennials in full bloom. Let us inspire one another to embrace sustainable living, not just as a passing trend, but as a lifelong commitment to our planet.

Join us at the SF Flower and Garden Show, and embark on a journey of discovery and sustainability. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and cultivate a greener, more vibrant world for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more information and the show garden photos...

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