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Modern Rustic Meets Perennial Spring Paradise
(Era of Adaptation: Chic Sustainability)

SF Bay Flower and Garden Show 2024: “In the heart of California lies a haven of sustainability: "Era of Adaptation: Chic Sustainability." Beneath the comforting shade of a sycamore tree, a garden oasis unfolds, harmonizing with the clay soil. Its purpose? Welcoming spring with a vibrant tapestry of water-wise plants, beckoning pollinators to dance among perennial blooms. Serene permeable pathways leading to seating areas where heated outdoor furniture offers eco-conscious warmth with a soothing sound of water fountain. At the center stands the Slant greenhouse, a sanctuary for delicate seedlings to germinate and winter-protected flora. Here, sustainability meets artistry, inviting all to embrace nature's rhythms in style.”

Photo Credit: Linda Peters Photography


Best in Show

Gold Medal

American Horticulture Society Award

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